Raw materials

Raw materials arrive from the finest vendors in liquid and powder form. This begins the manufacturing process. We documents all actions and details of production in a permanent batch record. 

1. Materials obtained for production batch .
     2. Materials quarantined for analysis and given lot numbers .
     3. Q.A. releases approved materials into production .



 Pharmacy is noteworthy for its precision equipment, meticulous  technicians, and immaculate working environment. 

 1. Pharmacy technicians weigh each raw material necessary for the batch 
 2. Technicians then transfer weighed material to granulation .


  The key to a superlative tablet or capsule is a uniform mixture of material.

 We relies on the most advanced equipment available including Gemco and Patterson Kelly blenders.

 1. Blending technicians fill the specified blender with weighed materials. 
 2. Blending occurs until materials achieve optimal consistency. 
 3. Blended material moves to compression or encapsulation stage.


 Compression is the process of exerting sufficient pressure on a blend in order  to form a tablet. We uses computerized, fully automated Fette tablet presses.

 1. Blended materials are loaded into the tablet press hopper 
 2. Materials are compressed into tablets 
 3. Tablets are collected in bulk containers and moved to the next stage



  Encapsulation consists of filling two-piece hard gelatin capsules with  blended  material.                           

 We uses computerized, fully automated Bosch and Zanasi capsule machines. 

 1. Blended materials are loaded into the capsule machine hopper .
 2. Materials are processed into capsules .
 3. Tablets are collected in bulk containers and moved to the next stage .


As a master of the challenging art of coating, we are able to do glazing,  film coating, enteric coating, and sugar coating. Expertise and attention to detail equate to unrivaled pharmaceutical elegance.

 1. Coating technicians apply solution. 
 2. The coating pan automatically revolves to distribute coating solution evenly. 
 3. Technicians monitor the process until the tablets are dried.



 Finishing includes printing, banding, polishing, and inspecting.                                                                      
 1. Printing is the automated process of applying an identification onto tablets or capsules. 
 2. Banding seals the body and cap of two-piece hard gelatin capsules .
 3. Polishing removes excess powder and ensures a bright shine. 
 4. Inspection guarantees all finished product is of the highest caliber .


  A full spectrum of packaging options is available. 

 1. Finished tablets or capsules are staged in the packaging department warehouse. 
 2. Product is packaged to specifications .
 3. Packaged product is placed in respective freight containers and moved to shipping department  for  transport.




 Experience chemists conduct a full range of analyses using ultra modern techniques and  equipment.

 1. Technicians draw samples from each batch of finished product and forward to the Laboratory. 
 2. Chemists subject each sample to thorough testing for conformance to predetermined physical  and chemical characteristics 
 3. If the sample meets all testing criteria, the batch is released for shipment.


 We ship nationally and internationally. 
 1. Released product is staged in temperature-controlled warehouse for shipment 
 2. Orders are picked by responsible warehouse staff 
 3. Order accuracy is verified by the Dock Verification Manager 
 4. Bill of Lading, packing slip, and invoice are generated and the product is shipped


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